Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I love Etsy!

I like to be original. I mean who doesn't? That's one of the reasons I like to look around antique shops- every single thing is handmade and is absolutely unique. Mass production items simply can't give me that feeling . It's the same with clothing and accessories - if you make something for yourself or someone else , or buy something handmade it's really special - cause you don't only wear something that nobody else has but you carry a piece of the person who made it everywhere you go. Etsy is on top of the list for handmade handpainted and vintage items. With a lot of patience luck and browsing you can find the most amazing stuff . Check out this girl's shop. Oh I should really get a necklace like one of those..

1 comment:

Annabelle said...

thats so true. originality makes something so much better and individual. love the jewellery but i know i wouldn't wear it. ha
nice leggings to.