Friday, February 6, 2009

Accessory report part 2

Stella McCartney: Stella's collection is nude in color so the white looks really good against it.

Lanvin: Another box-like clutch.


Burberry :

4)Snake skin



You can see this even in Burberry's necklaces (pictures of which I've posted below) I've always been a fan of animal prints but never really liked snake skin.I do like the pink Lanvin box-like clutch.Maybe it's the pink I don't know.

5)My favourite part - Necklaces!
Big necklaces are all over - there are a lot of styles to look at.My favourite ones-are definetly the chunky bead Lanvin necklaces and this Christian Lacroix piece (the one on the left) . Definetly reminds me of butterflies.

Christian Lacroix:


Burberry:The necklaces enhance the garden party the Burberry collection gives this year.

And here are the snake skin necklaces I've mentioned:

to be continued.. I'll post part three tomorrow.

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tobaccoandleather said...

That first LaCroix neck piece is stunning! I think i might attempt a DIY with some old black vinyl i have lying around.. but i will probably fail miserably ha.

Thanks so much for the reply, will be a great help for the project i'm doing xxxxxxx