Friday, February 13, 2009

Inspiration friday

Usually friday the 13th is my lucky day.Well not always.Today for example wasn't.I'm looking forward to this weekend - sleeping late and having late coffee and reading a nice book! Mmm..
I need a little image inspiration so here it is :

I have a crush on pretty much everything that's in leopard print.And this dress from Zac Posen is just ... fabulous.

The trick with wearing all black is to wear different black fabrics.The pants in here look silky and the jacket - leather.If it was all silky I bet it wouldn't look half this good.It's Versace too.

I like nude.It looks really fascinating in an undescribable way.I'm not even shure if this Versace dress is nude but still.It's a perfect match with the shoes - they put a little colour in it.

This is Louise from MissPandoraPandora. The girl has a way when it comes to accessorizing.You know what they say - the devil's in the details.

I just love the way that girl smiles!She's a sweetheart and a very stylish one in fact.The grey dress with the nude shoes is a really good combo.I just wish when she cut her hair short she left it that way.

I wonder when we'll we really know what happenned with Rihanna and Chris Brown before the Grammy awards?

I really wanna know where I got this from :D I love this colour.

Things I want to write about but have been too lazy to sit down and actually do it :
1) The Grammy awards
2)Confessions of a shopaholic
3)Valentine's day
4)Burberry sping/summer 2009

Hope you had a lucky day!

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Anonymous said...

beautiful cheers and collections ... happy valentine's day, dear! have lots of fun.