Sunday, April 26, 2009

Exhibit 6 : Nine West Kanal t-strap shoes (in electric blue) It was love at first site when I saw these on - Rumi owns and matches these oh so good !

Exhibit 7 : Since I like shoes - that isn't even surprising right ? - I'd like to talk about ... well to be honest Patricia Field , Carrie Bradshaw , Rebecca Bloomwood , a closet , Patricia's work and well that pretty much covers it . So here's the Stylist, the Shopaholics and The closet :

Here's someone who really likes shoes ! Check out Mariah's shoe collection . It has been reported that she has more that 2000 pairs ... God 2000 ? That's like umm about 6 pairs for every single day for one year !

Speaking of shoeholics (and closets) I can't help but remembering Carrie Bradshaw's obssession with shoes. It was always a dilemma - to pay the rent or to get new shoes ? And she had a really cool looking closet in the movie too .. And here's what is IN it .

If you're a Sex and the City kind of girl and you were inlove with the creative style ideas you probably know who Patricia Field is. In case you're not - she's the fabulous stylist responsible for the styles in Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada and last but not least Confessions of a shopaholic.

I'm a big fan of the shopaholic series and when I heard they were filming it and Patricia was styling it I was simply thrilled ! In short the movie wasn't as good as the books - although I must say Isla Fisher was a brilliant Becky.
*In case you don't have a clue what I'm talking about * Becky Bloomwood is a sweet London girl who like to shop.Really shop - in fact she's a shopaholic, who by irony works in finance and tells other people what to do with their money. Although she herself cannot handle it right - she's pretty good at making finance understandable to people. She falls in debt and she loses her job, gets humiliated on TV , she makes her best friend cry and she falls in ridiculous situations but in the end it's all good cause she gets the man she loves.

Wouldn't you like to raid her closet ?

TheStilletoEffect posted about Patricia here and check out her style advice here. And if this is true ... I don't even wanna see the second movie .

I'm finally done posting.But I will do it again very soon - promise ! And this time it will be something shorter for sure.

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Allie said...

I have a pretty large closet but I can't afford to stock it with all these beautiful shoes. Wish it were full of designer everything!
do you do link exchanges?