Saturday, April 11, 2009

I was window shopping this weekend (more like just watching the shop windows ) and listening to the crowded street when I spotted this thing:

For a second there I stood like a complete idiot staring at the bag , my friend was about 3 feet away from me turned back and asked whats wrong. My thoughts were frozen for another second then I thought haven't I seen this somewhere ? Then I remembered where - it looks like the bags from Marc Jacobs spring/summer RTW from this year.Ok so I'm not sure there was one in these actual colors but it's hell of a lot simular.And really cheap too (well compared to the Marc Jacobs original bags).About two days before I found this I found a really good quality fake Chanel bag.I always wonder - what's the point of making a fake anything ? You can totally tell it's a fake if you know your stuff and even if you don't - just compare the quality and prices.So what's the point of having something that is not really designer,nor the same quality and it doesn't fool anyone it's real?Beats me..but if I had more money on me I guess I would have bought that bag - simply because I think the collection was fabulous and this was the closest I'd probably ever get to it.

And just to see what I mean I've posted pictures of some of the bags from the collection:

The collection was so fabulous I'm thinking of uploading everything but that would be just lame - I mean if you want to see it you can just go to and check it out.But it's my blog and I'm gonna do it anyway (giggle)

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