Sunday, April 26, 2009

If they hired me in a magazine, they'd probably put me in the Accessory department. I get so carried away by the tinsy-bitsy bags shoes necklaces and other stuff that I completely forget outfits. Well I do like details - they are that make the outfit complete. If you wore all white and changed the necklace and shoes , added a belt and a bag - you can look completely different by only doing so little. And you know what they say - the devil is in the details. So these are some of the things I've stumbled upon lately. I have a ton of stuff I want to share and talk about and it would probably take me weeks to post about everything - but anyway here I go ! (I'm wondering do I use the word I too much ?!? - Yikes!)

So lets start here and I'll fly from subject to subject shall I ?

Exhibit 1 : Paris' necklace . Found it some time ago and actually like not only the necklace but the dress as well! And it's surprising how there were two articles about the same necklace. I was actually going to make a DIY that was going to look kind of like that.Gave up on the idea (ok I haven't actually - if I DO make it I won't keep it a secret)

** Note : on the bottom left see where it says ? Be sure to check it out - there's some wonderfull stuff to be found in there ! **

Simple and pretty - and not using any common easy-to-match colors either.

Exhibit 2 - another pretty necklace which you can pretty much make yourself (I have no idea where I got the images from)

Exhibit 3 - stud necklace :D It's clear to me and not only me most bloggers (at least the popular ones) are fascinated by studds and tend to stud everything they could - jeans bags shoes .. and I think that even got to me - only in my own way.This way : (still have no idea where the image is from)

Exhibit 4 - these babies. Another shoe craving ... click.

Charlotte Olympia
Strappy leopard print shoe - £380.00
Strappy leopard print shoe. Peep toe. Lace up front. Sling back. High heel. Charlotte Olympia heels are absolute must haves, and these leopard print numbers are quite simply shoe heaven.
100% Pony skin 100% Leather
Lace up. Sling back
Italian sizes. 5 Inch heel

*Sigh* Need I say more ?

Exhibit number five - probably the craziest heels that have ever walked the runways. Let's take a closer look at this animal. It it a cheetah? Is it a snake? No it's the Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs spicy sandals ! They sure are unique. I love the Africa theme this year.

Will continue to post more stuff soon - just as soon as my fingers feel ok again :D

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